Take out online your border insurance for entry to Spain

Border insurance is mandatory for all vehicles registered outside the EEA which are going to be driven within EEA territory.

Welcome to the official OFESAUTO website, where you can find all the information you need to take out border insurance for your vehicle upon entering Spain, or for reviewing the border insurance you already have.


Direct download

Input the necessary details, make the online payment and receive your valid Border Insurance immediately.p>

One and only Official Border Insurance

This web page is the only place you can take out temporary third party insurance directly: Border Insurance.

Valid on entry to Spain

When arriving with your vehicle registered outside the EEA you will need at least Mandatory Third Party Civil Responsibility Insurance.

Choose you validity period

You can choose your period of coverage upon taking out your insurance depending on the length of your trip (max. 6 months)

You can drive covered throughout the contract period in the whole of the EEA

Why take out your Border Insurance here?

OFESAUTO is the Spanish Motor Insurers’ Bureau and is the only organization which can legally issue Border Insurance valid for the circulation within Spanish territories of vehicles registered outside the EEA.

Border insurance is very similar to the insurance you take out with your insurance company: Your details are taken, the insurance period is noted, the premium (cost) is calculated and your documentation is issued in PDF form automatically. This allows you to drive within Spain and the EEA. If you subsequently cause an accident within the period of coverage the damaged caused to third parties will be covered by your Border Insurance.

Border Insurance Coverage


Covers the civil liability responsibility towards third parties in the country in which you are driving, whether in Spain or the rest of the EEA.


Please note that it does not cover roadside assistance nor legal defence costs etc. It is temporary third party insurance covering Spanish territories and the EEA. If once covered by the Border Insurance your vehicle causes an accident, damages to third parties will be covered.

Approximate costs

Costs depend on the category of vehicle and the time period covered. The following is a table of prices covering the most common types of private vehicles. You will be quoted the exact price once you apply to take out the insurance.

Passenger vehicle or van (A1 & A2)

Passenger vehicle (max 9 seats) and/or van (up to 3.5 tonnes)

15 days – 81€ to 113€*

30 days – 156€ to 213€*

90 days – 306€ to 425€*

180 days – 463€ to 631€*

Motorcycle (B1) or Scooter (D1)

Motorcycle, moped and/or scooter

15 days – 55€ to 69€*

30 days – 100€ to 125€*

90 days – 200€ to 250€*

180 days – 200€ to 250€*

Articulated or semi-articulated lorry (F1)

Articulated or semi-articulated lorry

15 days – 143€ to 179€*

30 days – 269€ to 336*

90 days – 538€ to 673€*

180 days – 807€ to 1009€*

(*) Reference prices can be updated at any time depending on the characteristics of your car.

Secure payment with your credit/debit card

Once you’ve clicked on the button to start your payment you will be redirected to a form where you can fill out the details regarding your vehicle, the driver and purpose of the insurance. You’ll need your vehicle’s details (make and model, cylinder capacity, weight (for trucks)) and the driver’s details.

The last step will be to conveniently and securely pay with your credit or debit card.